Past Elections
2014 Election Interactive Map
Interactive Map Instructions:
  • To find a property click "Search" and enter in either the whole or part of  Roll number, Civic Address, Legal Description or Section-Township-Range of the property.
    • Note: for civic address road suffixes have been abbreviated (e.g. search for "Ash Street" by entering "Ash St") valid abbreviations are as follows:
      • Road = Rd - Note Numbered roads must use the full road name (e.g. "Road 30E")
      • Avenue = Ave
      • Street = St
      • Drive = Dr
      • Place = Pl
      • Provincial Road = PR___ (e.g. PR311)
      • Provincial Trunk Highway = PTH__ (e.g. PTH52)
    • If your address is not found try shortening the search by dropping the road suffix or simply entering just the numeric address value.
  • If your property is displayed in the search results click on it and close the search window
  • Information on wards and polling station for the selected property will be displayed in the "Selection" panel on the left-middle of the screen.