Frequently Asked Questions

I recently built a new home and have only received a property tax bill for the land. When can I expect a bill for the house?
New homes are sent a supplementary tax bill. Supplemental tax bills are typically sent out in October with a due date in December or January. Depending when your home was completed and/or if the home has been assessed, you could potentially receive a bill for both the previous year and the current year.

I received a tax bill for a property I no longer own. What should I do?
Please forward the tax bill to your lawyer handling the sale of the property or contact the RM of Hanover.

I recently purchased a property and never received a property tax bill. Am I responsible for the property taxes?
New property owners are responsible for payment of property taxes whether or not they received a notice. Failure to receive a tax notice is not sufficient reason for late payment or non-payment; penalties will be applied.

What period does my tax bill cover?
RM of Hanover’s tax bills are for a full calendar year (January 1 - December 31).

Are receipts automatically mailed?
No, receipts are not mailed out unless specially specified. If you require a receipt, please contact our office.
I moved into my new home in June, can I apply for the $700 Education Property Tax Credit?
No, you have to be living in the home as of January 1 of the current year. You may claim the credit on your Income Taxes (it may be prorated for the amount of months you lived in the home). For the following year, you may come into our office and fill out a 1 page form to have the credit applied directly.