Street Sweeping

Street sweeping in the Rural Municipality of Hanover takes place each year during the spring, and takes place in two phases. The first phase involves sweeping boulevard strips and side walks in areas where it is deemed necessary by the RM due to accumulation of sand. The second phase will involve sweeping the streets. A tentative schedule of the street sweeping is below. Please be aware the dates are subject to change depending on the weather.


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Public Works Department at (204)346-7129.


***Updated Friday, April 22 at 9:30am

Due to some major equipment breakdowns, the contractor has not yet been able to begin the work. The plan is to bring four sweepers into Blumenort on Saturday. Sidewalk sweeping in all town has been completed. Boulevard cleaning is finished in Blumenort, while boulevards in Mitchell should be completed by the end of Friday. Barring any major breakdowns, sweeping in the other towns should be completed next week. Thank you for your patience. 


2016 Tentative Street Sweeping Schedule

 Wednesday, April 20th- Blumenort

Thursday, April 21st – Mitchell

Friday, April 22nd - Grunthal

Saturday, April 23rd - New Bothwell and Kleefeld

              *Boulevard strips and side walks will be swept before the street sweeping commences.