Weed Control Program
    The RM of Hanover recognizes that noxious weed control is necessary for agricultural and residential reasons.  Our program consists of mowing of drains and roadsides along with chemical applications when necessary for heavily infested areas.  The RM of Hanover has appointed our manager of works and operations as the municipal weed inspector.  Through our travels throughout the municipality, we are watching for invasive species of noxious weeds for our records, and for reporting to the Province of Manitoba.
    We use mechanical mowers as a first method of choice for yearly control of vegetation along roadsides, this is a partial control of problematic weeds, and also for the purposes of safety and better efficiency of drains.  We begin around July with mowing along the shoulder of the road covering approximately 15 feet.  Later in the year usually in September, we do another round of mowing along the shoulder and then go further into the ditch to mow the bottom and back-slopes where we can to further control vegetative growth and for better flow during the spring runoff season.
   In Areas that are heavily infested with problematic weeds we have trained and certified staff for the application of chemical pesticides.  This method is used only when other regular mechanical mowing is insufficient and areas are to large for physically pulling the noxious weed by hand.