Decks / Fences / Hedges
A building permit is required for open decks or porch over 24 inches off the ground.   All aspects of the building code must be complied with and include, but are not limited to the following:
  • Where the floor level of a deck is between 24" and 72" above the ground, a railing of 36" in height must be installed around the deck. The opening between spindles must be no greater than 4".
  • Where the floor level of a deck is greater than 72" above ground, the railing height must be increased to 42". The requirement for spindle spacing remains at 4".
Closed or covered decks of any size, do require a building permit including a site plan and engineer stamped drawings.  Click here for a Permit Application and Deck Checklist.

FENCES/HEDGES - No Permit required, but need to comply with the municipal Zoning By-Law, as follows:
  • May be up to 4 feet high in any front yard and 6 feet high in any side or rear yard and may not create a visual barrier to motorists  .
  • Height restrictions do not apply in the Agricultural or Rural zones.
  • The property owner is responsible to know  the location of the property line.
  • Utility locates recommended in all urban centres to avoid future  problems.
For further information, please contact the Permit Clerk @ (204) 346-7125.