Building Permits

To obtain a building permit a completed permit application must be submitted to the Municipality along with the required supportive documentation.

 All structures 120 sq. ft. and over require a building permit. Please allow up to 5 business days from the date all required information is received to be issued a building permit.

 If construction has not started within 6 months of the date of issuance, the building permit is NULL and VOID.  A new permit must be issued.  The permit is also considered NULL and VOID if the authorised work is suspended for 6 months.

Residential Permit Requirements:

1.     A completed Permit Application;

2.      Site Plan – see page 2 of the application for site plan requirements;

3.      Drafted Plans/Blue Prints:

a.      House Plans- All new residential plans must be stamped by a professional engineer

                                                   i.     Electronic Copy (PDF) sent to, and must include:

        1. Foundation Plans
        2. Future Basement layout
        3. Floor plans with dimensions
        4. Plumbing layout
        5. Roof system plans
        6. Elevation Drawings
        7. Detailed cross sections, dimensions and elevations

                       ii.     Paper Copy:  11” x 17"

4.     Staking Certificate:

a.      Required for all properties 2.0 acres or less in size;

b.      When in the opinion of the Municipality, a staking certificate is required to determine exact property location

5.        Building Location Certificate (BLC)

A BLC may be required at the absolute discretion of the Municipality for alterations or additions to existing structures or the construction of new structures on already developed sites.

6.      Letter of Authorization: 

                      Registered Land Owner giving signing authority to someone else (designated Agent).

                      Click here for Letter of Authorization

7.       Access Permit:

a.      Required when no curb and gutter exists – mostly in rural areas

b.      Contact the Permit Clerk for more information  

At the time of issuance, a building permit will include a Plumbing Permit and Utility Connection permit (where applicable). 

Effective January 1, 2013, a refundable permit deposit fee is charged as per Building By-Law (Sec. 5.1.3 - Schedule A).  An additional, non-refundable $2,500.00 fee is charged on each additional, residential unit such as duplexes, side-by-sides, apartments/multifamily dwellings, etc.

The refundable deposit will be released upon complete and final inspections performed by the municipal Building Inspector, and the municipal Engineering Technologist.


 Demolition Permit

  • Is required for all structures removed from a property at NO COST to the property owner.  
  • Please contact the Permit Clerk after the structure has been removed and identify the structure as well as the date of its removal/demolition.  
  • Or, fill in a permit application and submit to:


A permit is required for finishing a basement.  

Please fill in a permit application:

  • include a basement layout plan,  instead of a site plan;
  • basement square footage;
  • renovation value (material & labour).

FOR ALL ACCESSORY STRUCTURES – between 120 - 1500 sq. ft. in size

A.     Permit Application (including Site Plan)  required

B.     Accessory Check-List required (attached to Permit Application)

a.      All RED outlined boxes must be filled in and will be reviewed by the municipal Building Inspector

b.      The Accessory Check-list is required in lieu of drafted plans



For structures over 1500 sq. ft., engineer stamped plans will be required.  Please contact the Permit Clerk for more information.


Manitoba Hydro – for electrical permits:  1-888-624-9375 – or local MB Hydro Office

     Natural Gas – Contact your contractor or the local MB Hydro Office


MB Conservation – Septic Systems:  204-346-6060

     (including holding tanks, cisterns, septic tanks & fields)

 MB Infrastructure & Transportation (MIT) – 204-346-6266

     (highway set-back requirements)


 Please contact the Municipal Permit Clerk @ 204-346-7125 ( with any questions.