Animal Control
Animal Control is a specific arm of the municipal by-law enforcement program which is based around the enforcement of the Animal Care and Control By-Law.
This service is contracted out to a professional animal care provider to deliver very distinct services as required. There are several components to the Animal Care and Control By-Law, those being the following; Dog & Cat complaints, Dog kennel inspections/ Licensing, Residential Area Skunk Control and another is Livestock Impoundment for livestock at large complaints.

Animal control Officers can be reached at 1-204-371-5859 or
(Calls are monitored seven days a week)
If you have any concerns about the welfare of any domestic animals in Manitoba, involving possible neglect or abuse, such as the following;
Protecting Animals from Extreme Weather
- Heat stress in animals
Reporting Concerns about Animal Welfare
Please notify the authorities if you suspect any animal is;
- lacking adequate food or water
- exposed to extreme heat or cold
- not provided with suitable medical attention if wounded or ill
- confined in an area of insufficient space
- kept in unsanitary conditions
- confined without adequate ventilation
- not allowed an opportunity for sufficient exercise
- suffering, seriously injured or in extreme anxiety or distress
- contact is also encouraged if you suspect a breeding operation or kennel is unlicensed
 Please contact the Provincial Animal Care Line in Winnipeg at 1-204-945-8000 or 1-888-945-8001. The line is monitored seven days a week by the Chief Veterinary Office. All calls are verified and assigned to a Provincial Peace Officer for Enforcement / Inspection, as an "Animal Protection Officer" (APO) for the Province of Manitoba. Members of the RCMP are also considered to be APO'S, as well in the Province of Manitoba.
To report an "Emergency", Livestock at large complaint in the municipality, please contact the RCMP at 1-204-326-1234 and an animal control Officer will be contacted by the authorities. 
The impoundment fees can be seen on the attached schedule for rates to the animal care & control By-Law, as well certain fines can also be found. Costs and fines could vary depending on the situation.
Description of Animal
Date of Apprehension
Location of Apprehension
Day the Animal will be Sold or Disposed of
cat:   tan & brown; no ID      25/04/18               Ash St., Grunthal                    28/04/18  
 cat: gray & black tabby; no ID         24/04/18             Ash St., Grunthal               27/04/18                                   
dog:  St. Bernhard cross; brown;      23/04/18                   #216 x Rd. 34N                        26/04/18
long-coat; collar/chain; no ID  
 cat:  gray & black tabby; no ID        22/04/18                   Rd. 28E x Rd. 32N                    26/04/18