By-Law Enforcement
The RM of Hanover has a By-law Enforcement program which is based around the enforcement of the By-laws established by the Municipality. Its mandate is set by council and its reporting lines are to the Chief Administrative Officer and Reeve.
The program serves an extremely diverse group of people within the boundaries of the Municipality and as such there is much effort in getting to know them and the industries that serve them.
We have By-laws that regulate Agriculture, Trucking, and Animal Control as well as residential By-laws such as Zoning & Building, Parking, Fire Suppression and other specific aspects of community living. The staff is committed to delivering a fair, firm and friendly approach to enforcement of the By-laws.
By-Law complaints involving the Highway Traffic Act, are enforced by your local RCMP Detachment, as well all other Provincial Acts and Statutes.
The following By-laws are listed for your convenience and they represent various compliance By-laws of the Municipality. Please click the link(s) below for a copy of the By-Law(s).
You may contact the By-law Enforcement Officer direct at (204) 326-8656 or (204) 346-7131 if you have specific enforcement questions. If you wish to leave a message through the website click here.