Property Tax Information
The tax statement is composed of two basic sections; municipal and education taxes.

Municipal Taxes
The municipal portion of your taxes are set annually by by-law following a public hearing and include at-large or rural area levies and local urban district levies.
Municipal charges can also consist of local improvement, utility district and street construction levies. Other municipal charges may include garbage collection, sewer usage fees and street frontage charges; which are reviewed annually.
Education Taxes
The Education Tax Levy is set by the Hanover School Division and makes up approximately 60% of your total tax bill.  The Municipality is required by law to include these levies on the annual property tax bills. The RM of Hanover has no control over the school tax portion of your tax bill. Further inquiries may be directed to Hanover School Division at 204-326-6471.

Taxes & Mill Rates
The funds required to cover the cost of operating the municipality are identified in the annual financial plan (budget). The assessed value of a property divided by 1000, multiplied by the mill rate determines the amount of taxes payable on each property.
If you have questions regarding taxes and mill rates, please call 204-346-7124.
Copies of the financial plan (budget) are available at our office. 
Local Improvement Levy
This levy is applied to all taxable and exempt property in the municipality for the purpose of providing funds for road maintenance, fire protection services, as well as, garbage collection, transportation and disposal fees.
General Municipal Levy
This levy is applied to all taxable property in the municipality to provide funds to Local Urban Districts (Grunthal, Mitchell, and Blumenort), engineer services, road maintenance management, council and municipal administration and many other services.

Tax Due Date
The amount of taxes indicated on your statement represents the amount due for the entire fiscal year (January 1 to December 31). The amount indicated on your statement is payable at par up to and including the last business day of October. Taxes paid after that date will be subject to a penalty at the rate of 1.25% per month.
If a portion of your previous year's taxes remain outstanding, this amount including a penalty calculated to the tax due date, is shown in the arrears/credits box on your tax statement. 

 In the first week of December every year all outstanding utility balances will be transferred to the tax rolls. Notice will be sent a month prior to prevent the transfer. A second notice will be sent out should there be an outstanding amounts that were transferred to the tax roll. 

Personal Information
The name and address which appears on the property tax bill is the latest information available to us. If your address has changed, please contact us immediately at 204-326-4488 and provide us with the correct information.
If a change of ownership has occurred, please return the property tax bill to our office. Failure to receive a bill does not excuse an owner from the responsibility for payment of taxes nor relive said owner from the liability for any late fee penalties. 

Payment of Taxes
There are many different ways to pay your taxes. Listed below are the options.

Mailing Your Payment: Please mail your cheque or money order together with the bottom portion of your tax statement(s) to: The Rural Municipality of Hanover, 28 Westland Drive, Mitchell, Manitoba, R5G 2N9. Please make sure that our office receives your payment prior to the due date. Your cheque may be post-dated to the due date. Please make your cheque payable to: The Rural Municipality of Hanover. Receipts for payment will not be mailed unless requested.

Pre-Authorized Debit Plan (PADP): For more information click here.

Attending Our Office: You may attend our office in person at 28 Westland Drive just off of PTH 52 to pay your taxes during our regular hours of operation, Monday through Friday between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm. Please remember to bring your tax bill. You may pay your taxes at our office by cheque, cash, or debit card. We do not accept credit card payments in the office.  

Credit Card Payments:: Only available on our website Click on the "Online Payments" link at the top of the home screen.  Visa & Mastercard are accepted.  

Online Banking: You may pay your taxes online through your financial institution. See below for setting up the RM of Hanover with your online banking for the first time.
     1. Add Payee
     2. Enter "Hanover"  into search field
     3. Select "RM Hanover: Taxes" or similar wording
     4. Enter your account number using your roll number not including the first 0 and the decimal point.
         Example: Roll Number 0123456.000 = 123456000
Please contact your financial institution for additional help.
Drop Box: If you are unable to attend our office during our hours of operation, you may place your payment together with the bottom portion of your tax bill in the drop box located at the main entrance of our building. Please do not place cash in the drop box.