Composting Information & Services

Important Notice

  Please do not leave bags beside the trailer during non-operational times


What to Compost:

Weeds without seeds
Grass clippings
Garden waste





Bring your leaves, grass and garden waste to RM of Hanover's Community Compost Depots. Visit Green Action Centre for more information on composting. Please check the website regularly for added locations throughout the summer and fall. Compost depot locations, dates and times are listed below:


Compost Locations in the Communities:

New Bothwell - 50 Park Bay (New Bothwell Community Club)

Blumenort - 73 Park St (Blumenort Soccer Park)

Kleefeld - 21 Main St S (Kleefeld Fire Hall)

Mitchell - 130 Ash St (Mitchell Arena)

Grunthal - Church Ave (empty lot, turn South onto Church Ave from Main St, travel roughly 125m and it will be on the West side)


To view the 2021 Compost Depot Schedule, please click here.



Tips for reducing your waste

1. Backyard Composting

Clean collected organic material can be taken to the City of Steinbach landfill or one of their community compost depots that are open every Saturday from the end of May until mid-October. For more information visit the City of Steinbach


2. Mulch

Spread materials like dry leaves, wood chips or grass on top of the soil, around plants and on garden paths. This helps to control weeds, retain moisture, and prevent erosion.


3. Grass Cycle

The practice of leaving grass clippings on your lawn when mowing. This is an easy and convenient way to keep your lawn healthy and green. 

  • Mow high. Adjust the mower height to leave your lawn 3-31/2 inches long. Never cut off more than 1/3 of the grass height.
  • Mulch it. Use a mulching mower to reduce the size of the clippings. They will break down and release nutrients to your lawn more readily. 
  • Keep it sharp and dry. A dull blade can damage grass. Sharpen mower blades annually and mow when the grass is dry.
  • Alternate mowing direction. This keeps the grass from being pushed over in just one direction and being damaged by the sun.