Waste Removal & Recycling Services


 Waste Removal & Recycling

The RM of Hanover has made arrangements for all residential solid waste to be taken to the City of Steinbach Waste Disposal Ground (N1/2 23-6-6 EPM), located a half mile East of PTH 12 on Hanover Road (south of Steinbach).

Residential garbage collection is provided through private contractors to those residents residing in our urban centres.

 The collection schedule is as follows:


  • Blumenort - Tuesday
  • Kleefeld - Tuesday
  • New Bothwell - Tuesday
  • Roseville Drive Area - Tuesday
  • Mitchell - Wednesday
  • Grunthal - Friday
  • Shady Lane/Green Acres Lane Area - Fridays

Holiday Schedule Changes:

  • TBD


For those residents not currently supplied with garbage collection, there are four private companies that collect waste in the Municipality:

  • Jons Deck Aid & More - 204-371-1632
  • J&L Paving Stone & Sanitation - 204-434-6692
  • Pak-Man Disposals - 204-371-1570
  • Bristal Hauling (bins available) - 204-388-4550

Waste Removal & Recycling Services


The Council of The Rural Municipality of Hanover has re-negotiated its waste disposal agreement with the City of Steinbach. The Municipality of Hanover will continue to provide garbage collection & recycling services to the urban communities presently receiving that service. In the future, anyone (including Steinbach residents) attending the City of Steinbach waste disposal site will be required to pay a minimum fee of $10.00. The agreement with Steinbach is limited to urban residential garbage only.


Hanover will not extend garbage collection and recycling services to rural areas of the Municipality at this time. Hanover will no longer pay tipping fees for residences outside of the present urban areas. Rural residents using contracted garbage collection services will pay a collection/tipping fee directly to their contractor.


The Municipality will create service areas (Mitchell, Kleefeld, Blumenort, Grunthal and New Bothwell) and negotiate contracts for these communities. All services will be provided on a fee for service basis. Fees may be adjusted annually depending on the volume of garbage delivered to the Steinbach landfill site from each community.


Please contact them directly if you have any questions or require their services. All vehicles entering the Steinbach Waste Disposal Ground must identify the location from which they are hauling. Residential waste will be accepted without charge. Waste from construction/renovation projects, yard clean up (such as trees and branches) and large volumes of waste may be subject to a tipping fee. All commercial waste is subject to a tipping fee. Please contact the City of Steinbach Waste Disposal Grounds directly at the number below if you have any questions regarding fees.


The City of Steinbach Waste Disposal Grounds hours are:

  • Winter Hours (October - March): 9am-5pm Monday through Saturday
  • Summer Hours (March - October): Monday through Friday 8am-8pm, Saturday 8am-6pm

For information on the Steinbach Landfill Facility, please go to their https://www.steinbach.ca/residents/waste-and-recycling-collection/landfill/.


Eastman Recycling Services WILL accept the following materials:

  • Newspapers - Including flyers and inserts.
  • Aluminum Containers - Including all rigid aluminum containers.
  • PET or #1 Plastic Containers - Including soft drink bottles, some food product and personal care product containers.
  • HDPE or #2 Plastic Containers - Including milk jugs, some food product and some personal care product containers.
  • LPDE #4 Plastic Containers and Lids - Including lids from containers normally used for margarine, yogurt and other food products.
  • PP or #5 Plastic Containers - Including containers normally used for margarine, yogurt and other food products.
  • #7 Plastic Containers - Including bottles sometimes used for ketchup and other condiments.
  • Steel Containers - Including all steel food/beverage cans.
  • Magazines/Catalogues - Including glossy paper publications.
  • Gable Top Beverage Cartons - Including milk, milk product and juice cartons.
  • Boxboard - Including all paperboard boxes (eg. cereal boxes, laundry detergent boxes, toy boxes, show boxes, etc.)
  • Glass - In good shape, NO BROKEN Glass
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Telephone Directories
  • Brick Style (tetra-pack)
  • Beverage Containers

Eastman Recycling Services WILL NOT accept the following materials:

  • Polystyrene Containers and Packing Materials
  • Plastic Film
  • Aluminium Foil

For a copy of the informational brochure that should have been in the recycle bin Click Here 

For a copy of the informational brochure that should have been in the garbage bin Click Here