Part 3 Buildings

Buildings regulated under Part 3 of the Manitoba Building Code (MBC) include all structures in excess of 600 m2, structures in excess of three stories, assembly occupancies such as churches, halls, schools & arenas etc. It also includes high hazard occupancies, detention and healthcare facilities and others. Part 3 of the building code regulates the design and construction of these buildings.

Effective April 1, 2019, the RM of Hanover has been designated the authority to grant building permits for Part 3 structures in Hanover.

The determination of whether a structure falls under Part 3 is at the discretion of the municipality’s Building Inspector. Part 3 structures have more stringent design requirements and require a greater level of input from professional designers like architects and engineers. Part 3 applicants can expect to be asked to provide architectural, electrical and mechanical drawings along with letters of assurance from the engineers and architects associated with the project. Exact documentation requirements will be determined on a project-by-project basis by the Building Inspector.

Farm structures which are 600 m2(6458 ft2) or greater continue to be regulated by the Office of the Fire Commissioner (OFC). Prior to obtaining a building permit from the OFC the Municipality must first issue a development permit.  Please contact the Permit Administrator at 204-346-7125 or for further information.

All forms related to Part 3 buildings can be found here. Please note that RM of Hanover forms must be used. Forms from other jurisdictions will not be accepted even if they bear identical wording. 

If you have questions about what types of design drawings and other documentation may be required for your project, you may contact our Building Inspector, Barry Plett, at 204-346-7821 or