Voter's List Information

In accordance with Section 36 of The Municipal Councils and School Boards Election Act, the Rural Municipality of Hanover Voter’s List is open for changes or revisions. 

Any person who is eligible to vote in the municipal elections in the local authority of the Rural Municipal of Hanover can have his or her name added to the Voter’s list or have any information about the voter on the Voter’s List corrected. 

Any person can request to have their name and address obscured from the Voter’s List. 

A person whose name has been obscured will receive a Personal Security Certificate and Identification number. In the civic election, that person may only vote by Sealed Envelope Ballot and cannot vote in person at the regular or advance voting places. 

To ensure that all qualified voters of the Rural Municipality of Hanover are registered, please provide the information below for qualified voters in your household. You can also contact an election official to be added.

Lois Gresiuk, Senior Election Official 
Ruth Funk, Assistant Senior Election Official 

All qualified voters must be:

  • A Canadian Citizen; and
  • 18 years of Age or older on Election Day; and
  • A resident of, or a property owner in, the RM of Hanover as of April 26, 2022.

Voter Registration deadline is September 20, 2022. 

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