2022 Municipal Election Candidates

In accordance with Section 48 of The Municipal Councils and School Boards Election Act, the Rural Municipality of Hanover SEO Lois Gresiuk announces the following candidates for the Municipal Election on Wednesday, October 26, 2022.  

Reeve Candidates 

  • Donald Bouchard 
  • Jim Funk 

Ward One Candidate 

  • Travis Doerksen [acclaimed] 

Ward Two Candidate 

  • Brian Esau [acclaimed] 

Ward Three Candidates 

  • Nathan Froese 
  • Roger Harder 
  • Roberto Hiebert

Ward Four Candidates 

  • John Giesbrecht 
  • Ed Penner

Ward Five Candidate 

  • Darrin Warkentin [acclaimed] 

Ward Six Candidate 

  • Curtis Dawydiuk [acclaimed] 

Blumenort LUD Committee Candidates 

  • Kevin Medeiros [acclaimed] 
  • Floyd Penner [acclaimed] 
  • Roger Dueck [acclaimed] 

Grunthal LUD Committee Candidates   

  • Paul Perreault 
  • Anita Funk 
  • Jay Peters 
  • Thomas Guenther

Kleefeld LUD Candidates 

  • Travis Fehr [acclaimed] 
  • Randy Peters [acclaimed] 
  • Dawn Oude Voshaar [acclaimed] 

Mitchell LUD Candidates 

  • Brad Kehler [acclaimed] 
  • Cliff Froese [acclaimed] 
  • Tim Fehr [acclaimed]

New Bothwell LUD Candidates 

  • Rob Hiebert [acclaimed] 
  • Irma Friesen [acclaimed] 
  • Ernest Kehler[acclaimed]