Residential Flooding Information

The RM of Hanover has 15,000 sand bags (unfilled) in stock to assist residents during a flood event. Those people requiring sand bags can call the Kleefeld Public Works Shop at 204-346-7129 during non-state of emergency times. The Municipality may establish a special phone line during emergencies to address sand bag and flood emergency issues. This number will be communicated on the municipal website and via local radio stations.

Residents should try and make sure that snow is removed away from their homes. Water spouts and drains should also be clear of debris to allow the snow melt to flow from the residence.

The RM of Hanover would like to remind farmers to move grain and feed to higher ground if required. The Municipality would request that all businesses and residents hauling heavy loads attempt to do so prior to the spring thaw of municipal roads.

When contacting the Municipality about flooding of your residence, please note how close the water is to your residence, how quickly the water is rising, whether any culverts or ice jams are holding water back on your property, the location of your well and septic system to your water line. Municipal staff will attend your site to evaluate your needs, quantity of sand bags and urgency of the situation. On private property, the Municipal staff will authorize you to pick up sand bags from a designated site and arrange for sand to be dropped off at your site. If your driveway culvert or drainage system requires maintenance, they will evaluate the situation and arrange for assistance on a priority basis to minimize damage to residences.

Residents will need to arrange for labourers to assist in filling sand bags and constructing dikes. Information on how to properly construct a sandbag dyke. See below for a video. Residents noting problems with water flow in their ditches, caused by ice jams or frozen/plugged culverts are asked to report problems to the municipal office at 326-4488. As noted above, municipal staff will assess your situation and have equipment attend your site on a priority basis to keep water flowing. Please note that workers and equipment may be clearing culverts downstream first in order to allow water to get away before getting to your plugged culvert or ditch.

Priority is given to emergency situations affecting people's residences and base emergency and utility services, then commercial and agricultural (livestock) buildings and finally out buildings (storage). Water on farm land and gardens/lawns (away from the residence) is a low priority concern.

Road Conditions

The Municipality will be updating road conditions on our website daily during emergency events and identify roads that are impassable or flooded. In all situations during an emergency event, travel should be minimized and drivers should be aware and cautious, especially when travelling over bridges and culverts that are at full flow or beside full ditches where water is lapping up against the driving surface. Cracks and rodent holes weaken road bases and allow water to seep in and diminish the strength of the roads and dykes, which can fail, especially when they are under load from vehicle traffic.

Emergency Vehicles

The Municipality gives priority to emergency vehicles and may assist them in carrying out their duties. Those residents with medical emergencies will receive priority over the general maintenance requirements during times of emergencies.

Emergency Supply Kit

The Municipality encourages everyone to have emergency supplies should they be cut off from others or without utilities for up to 72 hours.