Public Works

The Public Works Department continuously monitors and maintains roads and drainage systems in the RM of Hanover. This includes approximately 450 miles of gravel roads, including rural developments, as well as streets in five urban centers. In addition to fully trained staff, an equipment fleet of five graders, two truck plows, and a sander truck are used efficiently to maintain roads in all seasons for residents to safely travel.

Road Facts

  • There are more than 450 miles of roads to maintain in RM of Hanover.
  • Roads with higher volumes of traffic are given a higher priority.
  • It takes approximately 10 working days to complete one round of blading of all roads.
  • Following a snowfall, it takes approximately 3 days to perform snow removal operations for all roads. 
  • Residential dust control applications are completed once per calendar year, beginning within two weeks following the removal of Spring road weight restrictions.

For questions or requests for the Public Works and Operations Department call 204-346-7129 or submit a question or request.

Did you know? Provincial Roads and Provincial Highways are under the jurisdiction of Manitoba Highways? If you are having issues (snow plowing, downed signage, road kill etc.,) regarding Provincial Roads and Provincial Highways, please contact Manitoba Highways directly at 204-346-6266 to advise them directly.