Leisure can be defined as a set of activities, that are not work-orientated or do not involve life maintenance tasks, that people engage in during their free time. Recreation can be defined as an activity that people engage in during their free time, that they enjoy and that people recognize as having socially acceptable values. 

Recreation comes in various forms and offers many benefits including mental and physical health, team comradery, leadership opportunities, social interaction and community spirit, just to name a few!

Hanover is a rapidly growing and active municipality with many opportunities for all residents.

The RM of Hanover's recreational goal is to provide residents of all ages with opportunities to lead active, enriching and healthy lives.

The 5 urban communities within the RM of Hanover are: Blumenort, Grunthal, Kleefeld, Mitchell and New Bothwell.

Other settlement areas in the municipality are: Sarto, Randolph, Pansy, Rosenthal, Tourond and Friedensfeld. 

Each community offers its own distinct facilities and programming! Along with this, there are also several other organizations within the municipality that the RM of Hanover supports. 

Click on each of the above communities to learn more about the recreation opportunities that they offer.

Rent a Facility

The RM of Hanover uses an online booking site for facility rentals within the municipality. Click on the above link to see availability of facilities, view rates, and book. Note: you will be required to create an account for bookings. When booking, please be sure to check that the rate you are being quoted is accurate!

RM of Hanover Facility Rental Rates can be found here.

Register for Programs

RM of Hanover Program Registration Site
The RM of Hanover uses an online registration site for programming within the municipality. Click on the above link to see the different programs in each community and to register for them. Note: you will be required to create an account for registration.

Recreation Planning

In 2021, the RM of Hanover completed it's largest recreation survey. Based on residents' feedback, a Facilities Feasibility Study was completed and will guide recreational decisions to ensure maximum benefit for residents now and in the future. You can view these documents below!

Check out the newest Edition of the Hanover Recreation Guide -Spring 2024

Have any questions, concerns or comments relating to a facility, rental, event or program? Contact us!

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Events & Programs - 204-346-7825
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