Randolph Community Centre at Neufeld Garage

The historical Neufeld Garage is home of the Randolph Sports Club Community Centre Inc. and is a venue that preserves the history of Randolph/Chortitz businesses, sports and school activities. It offers a unique meeting place filled with nostalgia and educational opportunities for community members. You will find many wonderful amenities and see history come alive on the walls of this amazing building.  


#37011 PR206, Randolph, MB
Located just north of Provincial Road 206 and Randolph Road Intersection


Rental information:          
Garry Neufeld Phone: 204-381-0169 or neufeldgarage@gmail.com

Volunteer information:      
Ron Neufeld Phone: 204-371-3451 or rneufeld@mpi.mb.ca

Donation information:      
Vic Neufeld Phone: 204-227-5217 or PrairieIFA@rogers.com

Board Chair:                      
Willie Peters Phone: 204-346-3018 or wkpeters@mts.net