Permits and Inspections

Building permits give you formal permission to build your project and ensures your plans comply with the Building Code, local zoning by-laws, and any other regulations that apply. Building inspections are an important part of the permit process. They help identify construction mistakes and make sure minimum safety standards are met.

Permit Applications

To obtain a building permit, a completed permit application form must be submitted to the municipality along with all required documentation.

Once all required documents are received, permits are processed as quickly as possible. 

Building Permit Application Form can be found at the bottom of this page.

You must display your building permit in a visible spot on the affected property during the course of the building project.

Business Permits

Thinking about starting a business? Start by reviewing the RM of Hanover Zoning By-Law (found at the bottom of this page) and then contact the Permit Administrator at 204-346-7125 to discuss your requirements.

Permit Expirations

Building Permits expire if they are not acted upon within six (6) months of being issued or if work under the permit is not completed within 24 months of the date of issuance. An extension can be applied for if you are approaching your expiry date and your project is not completed.

Building Inspections

To book an inspection, please contact the Building Inspector at 204-346-7136 or 204-392-8035. Inspections for Part 3 buildings can be booked by calling 204-346-7821 or 204-905-4470. Inspections are completed as timely as possible.

Permit Fees

Residential, commercial, and industrial building permit fees are based on a per square foot rate. There is a minimum permit fee of $75 (unless otherwise stated). For a complete list of permit fees, view "Schedule C" in By-Law 2448-19 (found at the bottom of this page). If you have any questions, please contact the Permit Administrator at 204-346-7125 or email

Part 3 Building Permit Fees

There are two permit types, each with separate fees, for Part 3 structures in RM of Hanover:

1. Development Permit Fee - The development permit is charged at a rate of 0.75% for the first $1 million in value and 0.25% for the value after the first $1 million.

2. Building Permit Fee - The building permit is charged at a rate of 1% for the first $1 million in value and 0.6% for the value after the first $1 million. 

Please note that all Part 3 building permits located in RM of Hanover are charged fees based on the value of the construction project, including agricultural buildings in excess of 600 square metres (6458 ft2).

Permit Deposit Fee

A refundable permit deposit fee is charged on all new residential, commercial and industrial construction; as well as for major renovations or alterations. The deposit fee is $2,500. This amount is held by the municipality until all inspections are successfully completed. If an inspection fails, a fee of $100 is garnished from the deposit; if an inspection is missed, a fee of $250 is garnished for each missed inspection. 

The deposit may be forfeited entirely if the project is not completed within 24 months and no extension has been granted. A deposit may also be forfeited if the building elevation is +/-3 inches from elevations set by the municipality at the beginning of the project.

An additional dwelling unit fee is charged on each additional residential unit such as duplexes, side-by-sides, multi-family dwellings, secondary suites, etc. This fee is currently $3,250 and is scheduled to increase to $3,500 on January 1, 2023. This fee is non-refundable.


Contact the Permit Administrator at 204-346-7125 or Submit a question or request.

Building Regulations

RM of Hanover Zoning By-Law

The Zoning By-Law sets out specific rules for development and land use in RM of Hanover.

RM of Hanover Building By-Law

The Building By-Law provides information about the building construction process, including permits and guidelines.

These By-Laws can be viewed at the bottom of this page.