Rural residents may bring accepted recyclable materials to the following locations free of charge:

  • RM of Hanover Public Works Office (25145 Rd 33N, 1 mile South of Kleefeld, West onto Rd 33N)
  • Friedensfeld Community Centre Parking Lot (32004 Rd 35E)
  • City of Steinbach Landfill (105 Hanover Rd East, South of Steinbach)

Accepted Materials
Materials NOT Accepted
  • Newspapers - Including flyers and inserts.
  • Aluminum Containers - Including all rigid aluminum containers.
  • PET or #1 Plastic Containers - Including soft drink bottles, some food product and personal care product containers.
  • HDPE or #2 Plastic Containers - Including milk jugs, some food product and some personal care product containers.
  • LPDE #4 Plastic Containers and Lids - Including lids from containers normally used for margarine, yogurt and other food products.
  • PP or #5 Plastic Containers - Including containers normally used for margarine, yogurt and other food products.
  • #7 Plastic Containers - Including bottles sometimes used for ketchup and other condiments.
  • Steel Containers - Including all steel food/beverage cans.
  • Magazines/Catalogues - Including glossy paper publications.
  • Gable Top Beverage Cartons - Including milk, milk product and juice cartons.
  • Boxboard - Including all paperboard boxes (eg. cereal boxes, laundry detergent boxes, toy boxes, show boxes, etc.)
  • Glass - In good shape, NO BROKEN Glass
  • Corrugated Cardboard
  • Telephone Directories
  • Brick Style (tetra-pack)
  • Beverage Containers

  • Polystyrene Containers and Packing Materials
  • Plastic Film or Bags
  • Aluminum Foil